Mission : Spreading the spirit of volunteerism, inspiring, involving more people to start volunteering, providing a common platform for volunteers to lead social and national developmental change through various causes, workshops and supporting other social, developmental, inclusive causes.

Vision :  Our aim is for the citizens of India to come forward and lead the social and national developmental change without waiting for the government to bring about the changes for us and simultaneously pushing the government to work for the betterment of the people. In order to achieve this, we intend to mobilise volunteer forces to bring about the required change and take the country from a developing nation to a developed nation.



Volunteering for various social causes is becoming a great trend as well as a passion among people today. But it takes a lot of courage as well as determination to convert your passion into a full-fledged cause when on the other hand you are also working in a 9 to 5 job the whole week.

In the year 2012 the working professionals Surendran, Madhushree, Sai Kanthan, and Sridaran were devoting their time as volunteers during weekends in an NGO when an idea struck into Surendran’s intellectual mind of starting a platform that will help the people of Bengaluru to volunteer in the field that they are interested in. This led to the birth of Volunteer For A Cause in November 2012.

In the city like Bengaluru, there is no lack of talent who are willing to volunteer but people are confused how and in which cause they should volunteer and it is where Volunteer For A Cause (VFC) comes to the rescue by engaging the volunteers into various social causes and events.

The volunteers can easily join the cause through phone calls, WhatsApp and emails. As the team is comprised of working individuals, therefore, the causes are generally carried out during weekends but if any event happens to be during the weekday for which volunteers are required the team works efficiently.

Through Volunteer For A Cause the team has impacted more than 10000 lives and is currently operational in Bengaluru and Delhi but in the near future, it is trying to expand its reach over to Hyderabad as well as in Chennai.