What ?

Challenge Accepted is a cause aimed to bring specially-abled people into the mainstream society and make them feel inclusive.


Why ?

People with disabilities often face many barriers that restrict them from participating in society on an equal basis. They face obstacles to move freely every day, live independently in the society, find employment, participate in sports, and many more. Challenge Accepted was conceptualized as an effort to narrow the gap between the mainstream society and specially-abled people and ensure that the specially-abled people enjoy their rights just like everyone else.   


When ?

Volunteers participate in Challenge Accepted at least once a month.


Where ?

The cause is currently active at around 17 residential homes/Special Schools across Bengaluru


How ?

Once an invite is sent out through Facebook, Meet-Up, and Whatsapp, volunteers confirm their presence. On the previous day of the event the location of the event is shared and the commute is discussed. On the event day, the volunteers gather at the location. At Premanjali, volunteers help the blind students study their academics and involve them in sports like cricket and chess. At Spoorthi Residential School for Mentally challenged children, volunteers engage the kids with some  interactive activities.


Also, whenever there is a need to help specially-abled people with commute volunteers, are notified. During exam time, volunteers are requested to tutor the blind students.

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