6 years of Active Volunteering!

CarniVOL 2018

 Volunteer For a Cause (VFC's) signature event to celebrate volunteerism and the pillars of VFC's success - it's VOLUNTEERS.

Every year, to commemorate VFC's inception which happened on 30th November, 2012, VFC celebrates CarniVOL. 

As a part of this year's CarniVOL, we intend to showcase VFC's journey through your various senses. Come be a part of this event to watch visual display of VFC's six years of active volunteering:

* through a photo-exhibition
* Listen to VTalk - talk by volunteers of VFC sharing their volunteering experience


This event is open for all volunteers and general public or anyone who aspires to know more about volunteering.


Dec 2nd 2018(Sunday),    10:30am to 4:30pm