What ?

Dhvani Granth is a cause aimed to provide Visually Impaired(Blind) students with study materials in audio form.  


Why ?

Finding study materials is the biggest hurdle for Visually Impaired(Blind) students as not many textbooks are available in Braille/audio format. This being the case, Visually Impaired(Blind) students have no resource that they could refer to during exam times. Dhvani Granth was conceptualized to record study materials in audio form and share it with Visually Impaired(Blind) students.


When ?

Volunteers are notified about book recording as and when the students come with requirements.


Where ?

Volunteers can record from their homes. We have active volunteers from Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and few other cities. Also 3 months once we conduct Voiceathon wherein volunteers meet in a school and do the mass recording.


How ?

Before volunteers can record books, a sample recording is checked for voice clarity and recital  tempo. If the volunteer’s recording is satisfactory, they are assigned a few pages of recording. Volunteers can record books from their home or meet at a place for recording. Soft copy of the book to be recorded is shared with volunteers and volunteers are required to record 10 pages or one chapter of the the text books. Volunteers will be notified how many pages should be recorded in how many days. Once all the recordings are collected from the volunteers, it is shared with the blind students.


For more info, please Call/whatsapp to 6366359687/6366359688 or email: reachvfc@gmail.com

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