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English For Elders (EFE)
English For Elders

What ?

With the increasing diversity that India has welcomed, we have transitioned into an English-Speaking society. Communication being an essential element of expressing ideas and keeping in touch with our loved ones, the previous generations are now facing a barrier in speaking English to keep their daily lives on track. #EnglishForElders is an initiative devised to overcome this barrier by tutoring Senior Citizens on Spoken English.


When ?

The timings will be according to the mutual convenience of the Volunteer-Tutor and the Senior-Student. The set course duration is to complete 30 hours of tutoring in 3 months. 

Where ?

The onset of the pandemic has put a stop on on-field volunteering but this made us explore ways in which we could make a great impact right from the comfort of our homes! The tutoring sessions will be held through online video conferencing platforms that the Volunteer-Tutor and the Senior-Student is mutually comfortable with.


How ?

Interested Senior Citizens and english connoisseurs sign up for this programme after which they are perfectly matched according to the language preference and Level of the Senior-Student! Then comes the sweet beginning, a great start to an inspiring journey filled with learning and great interactions.

This initiative is open to both volunteers and elders. If you'd like to teach or know of any senior citizens who could benefit from this initiative, register at the links below:

If you are Senior Citizen

If you wish to Volunteer

For any queries, reach out to VFC on 6366359686 or mail to

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