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Mentor College Students - Tamil Speaking

Mentoring will be over phone call. One-to-One. For 15 days. 30mins to 1hr per day. Tamil speaking mandatory.

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About The Event

Volunteer For a Cause(VFC) in association with Talent Quest India(TQI) is calling for Tamil Speaking working professionals to be a Mentor for College students across Tamil Nadu.

Mentoring will be over phone call. For 15 days. 30mins to 1hr per day. Tamil speaking mandatory.

Today's youth's biggest yearning is to have someone empathize, support and share the words of hope with them. Keeping this in mind, this program is filled with the motives of nourishing mentees (students) with holistic moral support, Non-judgmental listening. empathy and compassion.

The teaching module focuses on addressing practical issues faced by the mentees while talking English, by including effective activities like, tongue twister for enhancing their pronunciations, new vocabulary for building sentences, role plays for improving spontaneous thinking in English and a lot more.


  1. Being a guide, a big brother/sister, a role model/career coach for the student.
  2. Being non-judgemental Active Listener, bringing about positivity & fostering self-reliance
  3. Being unbiased with respect to the religion, caste and creed of the student/children.
  4. Attend the Online Orientation session that we arrange after registration.
  5. Read the module which is shared with you and prepare before every mentoring session.
  6. Spend 30mins to 1hr per day to interact with Mentee (student).
  7. Update the online feedback sheet with your experience after every session.

Join hands to make a difference in people's lives.

Feel free to reach out us on 6366359687 / 6366359688 for any queries.

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