What ?

Governance & We is a cause aimed to bring awareness in common people about the functioning of various government bodies.


Why ?

Citizens are central to good governance. However, poor participation of citizens in governance has led to a huge gap between the two. For instance, citizens often fail to report local problems to authorities as they feel that it's not their job or there is always “someone” who can take care. This lack of active participation in helping solve community problems only leads to more problem. Governance & We was conceptualized to bring the citizens and government bodies closer and make them work together for betterment of the society.   


When ?

Event is held based on request and on National holidays

Where ?

The cause is held at various location in Bengaluru

How ?

Volunteers and citizens come together to discuss common problems that surface in our day to day public life. They talk about possible solutions and share awareness on how to approach different government departments to get the solution.  

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