What ?

Improving the condition of sanitation in schools and public spaces

Why ?
"Every time we need to use the washroom, we have to go home". This is a statement made by a child studying in a govt. school. There is a direct correlation between sanitation facilities and the retention of girls in schools. Lack of sanitary facilities have led to the curtailing of education for girls who already face multiple roadblocks in the road to access education. On the other hand, boys are encouraged to pee in public places instead of using public toilets.


When ?

Anytime. We don’t fix a time for the activity, as and when you see the bad condition you can raise complaints and followup. Only school visits or constructions we plan. That would be quarterly.

Where ?
Government Schools, Colleges, communities, Railways stations, hotels, and so on.


How ?
Through various initiatives which include:
1. Fix the unusable toilets in Government Schools.
2. Build Toilets, if necessary.
3. Educate children on the usage of public toilets responsibly.
4. Monitor the status of Government maintained Public toilets.


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