What ?

This Cause named 'Let's Gift Life (LGL)' was conceptualized to create awareness drives on activities like blood donation, Organ donation, Stem-Cell Donation etc.

Why ?

"There are a few things  that cannot be brought by money. It is indeed a Simple Act of 'Sharing' that can be a reason for Survival of a life. "

There has been lack of awareness, even false beliefs among the general public regarding activities like blood donation, Organ donation, Stem-Cell Donation etc.

In order to bridge this gap of lack of awareness among people, LGL aims to educate and create awareness drives where volunteers can participate and spread the awareness further.


When ?
Once in Every 90 days there is a Special Blood donation Drive organized for kids Suffering from Thalassemia. Alongside a Blood Donation camp, the Volunteers are also educated on types of blood groups, compatibility of blood groups, frequency of blood donation, types of genetic blood disorders (Eg: Thalassemia) & blood bank details to enable Volunteers to reach out to blood banks/donors upon receiving urgent blood requirements

Other Activities like Organ donation awareness session, Stem-Cell Donation awareness session are conducted as & when requests are received.

Where ?
Blood Donation Drives are conducted in collaboration with Sankalp India Foundation @ Rashtrotthana Blood Center, Kempegowda Nagar, Bengaluru.

Organ donation awareness session, Stem-Cell Donation awareness sessions are conducted at the partner organization premises / public places/schools & colleges.


How ?

Once an invite is sent out through Facebook, Meet-Up, and Whatsapp, volunteers confirm their presence. On the previous day of the event, the location of the event is shared and the commute is discussed. Volunteers join at the venue. Followup sessions are done through social media.

For more info, please Call/whatsapp to 6366359687/6366359688 or email: reachvfc@gmail.com

If you wish to volunteer for this cause, please fill http://bit.ly/vfcvolunteer

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