What ?

LibReady is a cause aimed at sowing and nurturing the love for book reading in the underprivileged kids.


Why ?

Underprivileged children growing up in children’s homes / government schools hardly have access to libraries. Even if the children have access to libraries, they are largely underutilized. Without proper encouragement, these kids are seldom self motivated to pick a book to read. LibReady was conceptualized to boost reading habits in kids.   


When ?

Volunteers go to LibReady once a month.


Where ?

Currently, the cause is active at three children's homes - Gethasharama in Bapujinagar, Balya in Ullal road, and Anatha Shishu nivasa near Lalbagh.


How ?

Once an invite is sent out through Facebook, Meet-Up, and Whatsapp, volunteers confirm their presence. On the previous day of the event, the location of the event is shared and the commute is discussed. On the event day, the volunteers gather at the children’s home and are briefed about the event. The session kicks off with energising activities. Once the kids and volunteers feel comfortable, the kids go and pick a book from the LibReady’s mobile library and start ready. Volunteers assist kids in reading by helping them with pronunciations and explain the meaning of difficult words. After an hour of reading, the kids present what they have read in the form of skit or storytelling. A few fun activities are also conducted to keep the kids active throughout the session.

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