What ?

Meet the paws is a cause aimed to sensitize people about animal welfare and help pet shelters that care for strays.   


Why ?

Bengaluru has a large number of pet lovers who want to care for underprivileged animals. At the same time, there are many pet shelters in Bengaluru that are looking for helping hands to better the living conditions of the sheltered animals. Meet the Paws was conceptualized to connect outgoing pet lovers with the needy pet shelters.


Another objective of Meet the Paws is to remove misperceptions in common people towards sheltered animals. Many people who have never visited a pet shelter imagine it to be a scary place that houses unhealthy dogs. But when the same people visit pet shelters and spend some time petting the animals, they return with a positive thought.


When ?

Volunteers meet the paws at least once a month.


Where ?

Currently, the cause is active at 3 shelters:

  1. Precious Paws Foundation, Kanakpura Road.

  2. Sarvoham Indie, JP Nagar 8th phase

  3. SAI Shelter, Airport road.


How ?

Once an invite is sent out through Facebook, Meet-Up, and Whatsapp, volunteers confirm their presence. On the previous day of the event, the location of the event is shared and the commute is discussed. On the event day, the volunteers gather at the pet shelter and discuss what has to be done. The work can include cleaning the pet shelter, bathing the dogs, feeding theM, taking them out for a walk and playing with them.

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