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Every year, to commemorate the 'International Volunteers Day' & VFC's inception which happened on 30th November, 2012, Volunteer For a Cause (VFC)  celebrates CarniVOL.

CarniVOL is  VFC's annual signature event hosted with the objective to celebrate the spirit of volunteerism  through diverse forms and themes.

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Hiriyara Jaatre

The concept of 'Hiriyara Jaatre'(Elder's Fest) is to create a rural fest (Jaatre) like environment and bring elders from various old age homes across the city, together under one roof to achieve a sense of accomplishment in serving them a deserving fun-filled memorable day to add to their sweetest memories.



Volunteer For a Cause (VFC) brings you 'Volunteering Marathon' aka VoluThon.

We often run marathons supporting different causes of our choice. VoluThon is our twist, where we engage in a marathon of different causes and experience the joy of giving.

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