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  • Since 1995, India has been implementing the Pulse Polio Immunization Programme.

  • On 27 March 2014, India and 7 other Asian countries were declared polio-free by the World Health Organisation(WHO).

  • The last polio case in the country was reported from Howrah district of West Bengal with date of onset 13th January 2011

  • But, we still continue with immunization program because the threat of resurgence is real and can happen in two ways. As on today, two countries — Pakistan and Afghanistan — still have circulating polio.

  • And the polio virus can cross borders easily through adults who show no symptoms. In 2011, 10 years after becoming polio-free, China’s Xinjiang province saw 21 cases of paralytic polio and two deaths.


  • The Pulse Polio Initiative was started with an objective of achieving hundred per cent coverage under Oral Polio Vaccine(OPV)

  • Children in the age group of 0-5 years administered polio drops during this Program every year.

Our involvement:

  • In Bengaluru, BBMP(Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) is the Government authority which runs Pulse Polio Campaign.​

  • Every ward in Bengaluru has a Public health Centre which takes the ownership of administering drops in their respective areas.

  • VFC , as a Volunteer Group shall be supporting BBMP in covering all the kids in 5 different wards across the city.i.e, reaching out to roughly around 15,000 kids.

  • VFC will be supporting only with volunteers to administer polio drops, all other required items will be given by BBMP.

  • VFC is in to pulse Polio Immunization volunteering for the past 5 years.

Role of Volunteers:

  • Report to the assigned Public Health Centre(Government Hospital) by 7am.

  • Collect your volunteer ID card from VFC Volunteer Champ

  • Get to know your Pulse Polio Booth from the Doctor/Volunteer Champ

  • Collect these items before leaving to booth: Box with ice packs, vaccine, dropper, marker, tracking sheet, pen and gloves.

  • Once you reach the booth, whatspp your location to the Volunteer Champ

  • Administer Pulse Polio drops(2 drops) to any kid below 5 years and mark their little finger with the given marker.

  • Mark the number in the tracking sheet as and when you administer the drops

  • Booth will open by 8am and close by 5pm

Any queries on the volunteers role, kindly reach out to 6366359687/ 8095866816

"Polio is eliminated from India, but not yet eradicated from the world. We need to ensure that our population’s immunity against polio is maintained. For that we have to keep vaccinating our children with oral polio and injectable polio vaccine"


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