What ?

Reloading Green is aimed at preserving and protecting our environment.


Why ?

Every tree that is chopped to extend a road, every use and throw plastic material we use daily for convenience, every site developed on encroached lake in the name of growing the city, is destroying our home inch by inch. Depleting ozone layer, increasing global warming, melting of icebergs, extinction and endangerment of various species are some of the warnings that mother nature is throwing at us to take measures to safeguard our environment. Reloading green was conceptualized to initiate programs to bring back greenery in our surroundings.    


When ?

The events are held once or twice a month.


Where ?

The initiatives are held at various parts in Bengaluru.


How ?

The awareness program includes,

  • educating people on the hazards of plastic and providing tips for reducing their usage

  • encouraging people to plant and nurture saplings

  • organizing and participating in lake clean up drives

  • Bill FreeTrees initiative aims at removing pamphlets, cardboards and hoardings illegally pinned to trees.


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