What ?

RTI Revolution is a cause aimed to spread awareness on Right To Information(RTI) and educate people on how to file an RTI.


Why ?

India is a democratic country. Transparent governance is one of the key characteristics that define the idea of a democratic society. The government is accountable to its citizens. But, when the citizens are unaware of what is happening inside the government offices and have no access to the inside work, chances of corruption silently creeping into the governance is quite high. RTI Revolution was conceptualized to empower common people with RTI - a tool that empowers every citizen of India to hold the government accountable for its acts.


When ?

Event is held based on request and on National holidays


Where ?

The cause is held at various location in Bengaluru


How ?

RTI Revolution holds workshops for educating people about the basics of RTI – the objectives of the act, authorities involved in the setup, procedure to file an RTI, and success stories of RTI implementation. In these sessions, participants voice their concerns, clear their doubts, and even share their experience with filing RTI. In the later part of the session, the participant's file RTIs regarding various issues like bad roads, cap on various prices, government transport fare structure, lake issues, road digging, and more.

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