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Beautifying an early intervention center for kids with development delay

On Sunday, 11th of Feb 2018, 23 volunteers of Volunteer For a Cause (VFC) experienced a unique type of volunteering. In the early morning, the volunteers travelled over 70 KM to Tumkur for beautifying a therapy center for kids with development delay – supporting a great initiative by GiftAbled. Before we dive into the details of the event, let’s understand more about the initiative.

What is developmental delay? In the growth process of a child, the first three years are critical. During this period, a child reaches several developmental milestones. At every milestone, the kid develops various motor, language, cognitive, and social skills. For instance, a 9 month old baby should be able to sit without support, hold toys, point at things, and more.

When a child doesn’t reach the expected development milestone at the stipulated time, then the child is said to have a development delay. This delay can happen in one or many areas of development. Without early interventions, these delays will adversly impact the physical growth and social behaviour of the child.

To help kids with development delays get the proper attention and care, Giftabled (an NGO that works towards the inclusion of people with diability) has set up an early intervention center at Tumkur. This center will benefit hundreds of children and parents in and around Tumkur.

To support this noble cause, VFC’s volunteers joined hands. The center had to be transformed into a kid friendly environment. With this mission, 23 volunteers started from Bengaluru at 6 AM in the morning.

All through the way, the artists brainstormed ideas to transform the building into a colorful place that the kids would love to come and spend some time.

We had some fun too! Volunteers brought out the actor in them while playing dumb charades.

On reaching the venue, volunteers were briefed about the cause and work that had to be done for the day.

Soon volunteers swung into action:

And by the end of the day, we could see the difference:

Mission accomplished!


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