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Tech For Elders (TFE)

Let's Talk Technology


Volunteer For a Cause (VFC) is conducting free smartphones and laptops usage for senior citizens across India as COVID-19 propels using digital applications for contact-less interactions.

Volunteers from the 'Volunteer For a Cause' (VFC) are taking sessions for people above 60 years who are keen on learning technology (Smartphone/Laptop). These sessions are held one-to-one and conducted in the native language or any language that the senior citizen is comfortable with to encourage more elders to join the learning process. The initiative is aptly called TechForElders.

Before the lockdown, under the cause "The Golden Heroes," VFC has supported senior citizens in old age homes and daycare centers with paper bag making and has conducted entertainment programs to engage elders lead an active life. TechForElders initiative aims to help senior citizens navigate through applications such as WhatsApp, GooglePay, YouTube, Swiggy, etc

"Under the pandemic, everything is going online. From making payments at a grocery store to ordering medicines, everything happens on a smartphone. Though many senior citizens have a smartphone, they use it only to make or receive calls. So, we wanted to help them learn how to use other applications to stay safe during these difficult times and also using technology makes senior citizens not dependent on anyone else for their work."

VFC maps volunteers to senior citizens based on applications they want to learn and the language they want to communicate. Sampath Kumar, a retired police officer in Bengaluru, is one of the several beneficiaries of this initiative. "The sessions have helped me use my laptop and smartphone confidently," he says. "Rahul, the volunteer who helped me in this journey, taught me all the applications very patiently. He was very approachable and repeated lessons when I forgot something. Now I can use my phone for more than just taking calls."

This initiative is open to both volunteers and elders. If you'd like to teach or know of any senior citizens who could benefit from this initiative, register at the links below:

If you are Senior Citizen



If you wish to Volunteer




For any queries, reach out to VFC on 6366359686 or mail to

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