of Volunteers from varied backgrounds in the community


Sr App Analyst

The reason i suggest my friends to join VFC is every cause is planned to benefit someone rather finding just outputs or numbers in volunteering like other NGOs. You will find atleast one 'wow' in each event you participate and see the  smile in all beneficiaries of the event. Proud to be a VFCite


Risk Specialist

A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows COURTESY reaps FRIENDSHIP, & he who plants KINDNESS gathers LOVE. And we, at VFC,  sow and plant simultaneously. Treating people the way you want to be treated and Helping those in need.

Shree Krupa, 



The unflinching commitment the volunteers show to keep more than 15 causes active is admirable. And the transparency in the organization fosters responsibility and motivation as volunteers understand the reasons behind their work and know what results their efforts are driving.


Software Engineer

VFC gave me a platform to learn the art of volunteering & giving back to society. Out of all opportunities to spread smiles among the elders, kids & intellectually challenged women, ‘The Golden Heroes’ & ‘Challenge accepted’ are close to my heart. Being passionate about the environment & sustainable living, VFC gave me a direction to pursue it through 'Reloading Green'. We all know the environment is an indispensable and irreplaceable asset to human life, this platform brought that eco-consciousness within me and made me believe that individual contribution is deeply impactful.


Finance Analyst

It's been 2Years+ I have been associated with VFC team, I always feel happy that I got a chance to contribute to society in different ways. This is the exact place I was looking for in 2016 -  the people with passion, same mind set & a thought to help society. Apart from events - VFC has taught me the Timings sense , commitment, passion towards Photography. It's helping me my personal life and professional life. I always tell to people VFC is like a family for me , no Matter how busy I'm - I will make time for VFC events.


Investment Banker

I personally felt positive vibe! Voluneetring with VFC created positive energy in my mind and attract me all time.
All causes are well organized.
It is completely a TEAM work.
Thanks to the entire team VFC for giving me a opportunity to volunteer.

My experience in VFC :
1.High event satisfaction.
2.All the events were well organized.
3.Cause is a key benefit of volunteering experience.


Head HR

Saw a Facebook  post 3+ years back about VFC, From that time I have been a part of it and you believe it or not, it is a great feeling to be a part of such a wonderful team. As working professionals, we are tired and exhausted during weekends and plan for a complete rest or a family time. But, these individuals turn these weekends into volunteering for a CAUSE.



VFC is committed to make a difference in the community with the spirit of volunteering through various causes that they take up. Its heart-warming to see the enthusiasm and community involvement of young generation to make a positive change in the society. They are working towards better sustainability and fighting against all odds with courage to make this world a better place


Merchandising Administrator

Out of all the decisions I made in life, VFC has been one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only did it change my life but also made me a part of so many lives and added meaning to my own. I think the best part of VFC is that, once you're a part of it, you're not just a volunteer here but you become a part of the family. Even if it is your first time, you feel like you've known everyone here since ages. There is a feeling of belonging.

of Volunteers from varied background in the community



VFC is an astonishing platform for enthusiastic and passionate volunteers who want to contribute
their time to attend the needy and serve in all possible ways. A unique NGO focussed on diverse
sections such as stray animals, trees, underprivileged and differently abled kids, elders, traffic awareness, sports and games, etc.
For me, VFC is not just a journey but a process of learning, sharing a lot of thoughts, overcoming
fears, rediscovering hidden strengths and knowing myself better.


Senior Director

It has been a pleasure and a privilege knowing VFC and working  alongside people who are determined to make an impact however small, in society. The different events have opened my eyes to the ones in need, and how privileged people can do their bit to help. I believe that  in return, every weekend that I spent assisting animals or people in need has shaped me into a better person and given me the power of empathy. 


Lekshmy Harikumar,


Though our working styles are very different, what I best like about VFC is their sincerity to do something. Its not an easy task to coordinate and get like-minded people together to do their bit for a better tomorrow every single weekend! Its arrogantly ambitious! Whereas I am a free spirit lost in my own world! But being a big fan of sincere people, I would do anything in my capacity to help them. Like it is said - If not now, then when? If not us, then who?