What ?

An initiative specifically designed for improving the communication skills of college students through phone call mentoring.

Why ?

The intention of this program is to mentor the young minds who are yearning for a guide, a role model or a career coach.
The minimum requirement to volunteer in this cause is to be a Non-Judgemental listener who adds positivity, fostering self-reliance, unbiased with respect to religion, caste, and creed of the student, and boost the confidence level of the Mentee with respect to his/ her English communication skills.


When ?

The time limit of each mentoring session or the whole mentoring journey is not defined as such as it will vary according to the requirements at hand.

Where ?

The mentoring process will take place through phone calls. Physical presence is not required to sign up or move forward with this initiative. Time to create a difference right from the comfort of our own homes!

How ?

The teaching module has been framed to address the practical issues faced by the Mentee’s in English communication. The syllabus consists of tongue twisters for enhancing their pronunciations, vocabulary, and sentence formation practices, role play scenarios to enhance spontaneous thinking in English, and a lot more.

How to Volunteer ?

The Mentoring Program is planned batch wise. At the beginning of every batch, volunteers will be notified to Enroll for the Orientation session for the respective batch. For the Volunteers who have enrolled, an orientation session will be conducted where VFC and the respective NGO that we will be collaborating with will explain the process and the guidelines that are to be followed while Mentoring. Post the orientation session, the Enrolled volunteers will be shared with a registration link to register to provide confirmation for Mentoring the batch. Based on the registration, Every mentor will be mapped to a Mentee (one to one) for further interactions.

For more info, please Call/whatsapp to 6366359687/ 6366359688 or email: reachvfc@gmail.com

If you wish to volunteer for this cause, please fill http://bit.ly/vfcvolunteer

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