The Volunteering Marathon!


It’s that time of the year again when all volunteers across Bangalore experience the “Craziness of Volunteering”.

Volunteer For a Cause (VFC) brings you 'Volunteering Marathon' aka VoluThon.

We often run marathons supporting different causes of our choice. VoluThon is our twist, where we engage in a marathon of different causes and experience the joy of giving.


VoluThon consists of an array of volunteering activities that VFC volunteers will cover within a span of two days - Dec 8th and Dec 9th

During the 2 days of VoluThon, you will participate in more than a dozen causes that VFC supports. This means in these two days you will spend time with underprivileged elders and kids. You will play with specially abled students. You will pet the dogs and take them for a walk. You will record book for the Visually Impaired(blind) students. You will be a part of an initiative to make our surrounding environment better. 

VoluThon is all about spreading smiles and making a difference, it also gives you a chance to try something new, gain experience and build a sense of achievement.  Through Volunteering you can: Take on a Challenge – by just being a part of our two day journey. 

Does this sound exciting? Well, if you'd like to be a part of this celebration of voluntary service, take a minute and fill out the registration form by clicking on the 'Register Here' button.


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Keerthana Senthilkumar


I have always loved childer. The opportunity to teach kids online is the best thing happened during this lock down. It is always fun interacting with them and the positive energy they spread through their simles is so healing.