What ?

VTeach is a cause that was launched to educate underprivileged children who need academic help but are deprived of access to schooling or education of any kind.

Why ?

The outbreak of COVID-19 has pressed the pause button on various educational institutions like colleges, schools, etc. While tech-equipped schools are moving on with their academic responsibilities, the ones who do not have that privilege, create a greater impact for the children who will then have no access to education.

When ?

After the volunteer is connected with the interested child, the mutually free timings will be that of the sessions.


Where ?

This is an online-based initiative wherein we interact on the different online communication apps like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Which both the volunteer and the student is comfortable with.

How ?

We will be posting the various requirements which the volunteers can take up according to their skill and availability. Later, the child is connected with the volunteer for further interactions. Regular updates and feedback will be taken to ensure a hassle-free learning process.

For more info, please Call/whatsapp to 6366359687/ 6366359688or email: reachvfc@gmail.com

If you wish to volunteer for this cause, please fill http://bit.ly/vfcvolunteer

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