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We Can Talk

FREE Phone/Online Counselling for anyone in need

It could be very hard to talk about topics such as Depression, Mental Health, Stress and Suicide with people.

While there is a lot of stigma around Mental Health, the lack of awareness on the subject adds to it. Inadequate professional support could be fatal & make the battle severe for individuals in need of timely support.

With this realization, we at VFC, under the cause 'We Can Talk', intend to take a step towards Mental Health awareness & its importance by partnering with support networks to reduce stigma on mental health issues and commit to the betterment of mental health for everyone and save lives.

We now have a platform where a group of Certified Counsellors/ Psychiatrists/ Psychotherapists are invited to volunteer to provide professional support to help all of us get through this battle. Register as a volunteer at the below link if you wish to help.

Currently we have around 23 Certified Counsellors who have registered to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours a week to provide FREE counselling. Any Individual who's looking for help can avail the counselling service for FREE. This will be Phone/Online counselling. Book Your slot in the below link to avail your service.

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