We Can Talk

FREE Phone/Online Counselling for anyone in need

It could be very hard to talk about topics such as Depression, Mental Health, Stress and Suicide with people.

While there is a lot of stigma around Mental Health, the lack of awareness on the subject adds to it. Inadequate professional support could be fatal & make the battle severe for individuals in need of timely support.

With this realization, we at VFC, under the cause 'We Can Talk', intend to take a step towards Mental Health awareness & its importance by partnering with support networks to reduce stigma on mental health issues and commit to the betterment of mental health for everyone and save lives.

We now have a platform where a group of Certified Counsellors/ Psychiatrists/ Psychotherapists are invited to volunteer to provide professional support to help all of us get through this battle. Register as a volunteer at the below link if you wish to help.

Currently we have around 23 Certified Counsellors who have registered to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours a week to provide FREE counselling. Any Individual who's looking for help can avail the counselling service for FREE. This will be Phone/Online counselling. Book Your slot in the below link to avail your service.


Frequently asked questions

What is We Can Talk (WCT)?

We Can Talk (WCT) is a Cause under VFC through which we raise awareness on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

What is VFC?

VFC - Volunteer For a Cause is a registered, non-profit, Voluntary Organization(VO) in India, driven absolutely by the passion of volunteers, recognising the need for volunteerism in addressing social causes. VFC does not have an office space nor employees working full/ part-time for itself.

Who manages WCT counselling services?

A team of volunteers along with 20+ certified Mental Health Counsellors across the country with varied language and educational background manage the entire service.

What is the FEE for one counselling session?

WCT counselling sessions are absolutely FREE of cost. You need not pay anything for the counselling.

Who are these counsellors and why are they doing it for FREE?

Counsellors are certified professionals who have come forward to volunteer to give their time a minimum of 2 hours a week to assist anyone in need. They do it mainly to break the stigma around Mental Health and make people come forward to opt for counselling whenever needed.

What is the duration of the session?

Each session is scheduled for 1hour, this allows you and the counsellor to have a structured and meaningful conversation.

How many sessions can I take?

It depends on your issue and the guidance that you seek. 3 to 5 sessions preferably. We hope you will get some solution with that.

What can I share with the counsellor?

You can speak with our counsellors about any issue causing emotional and psychological distress to you. Individuals reach out to counsellors with a wide range of concerns ranging from children/adolescent issues to relationships, work-life, crisis situations etc. Our expert counsellors are trained to provide counselling for the wide spectrum of emotional and psychological issues. You can choose your issue in the service section and book your slot accordingly.

How much can I share with the Counsellor?

There is no restriction on what you can share with the counsellor as long as you are comfortable with it. Everything you share with the counsellor remains confidential between you and the counsellor. A very high frequency of calls with counsellors is not encouraged, in order to avoid dependency on the counsellors, one call per day is encouraged.

Will my phone call/session be recorded?

NO, none of your conversation with the counsellor will be recorded.

Will my data/ the information I share with VFC or the Counsellor remain confidential?

All efforts have been taken to maintain data security and confidentiality. The data that is shared by you is between the counsellor and you only. We do not ask for any details from you or the counsellor.

Will VFC interfere?

NO, we will not interfere, unless requested by either the seeker or the counsellor in case of any issues. We will not interfere without the consent of both the seeker and the counsellor.

How to block a slot for my session?

Check the issue/concern that you wish to get addressed at www.vfcindia.in/wctbooking Example: Children, Adult, Work-related, Couple, Senior citizens, LGBTQ+ etc. Once you select your service, you can check for available counsellors in the calendar and book your slot with the ‘Book Now’ option.

How do I know that I have booked my session?

After you book your session, we will send you a confirmation email to the email ID provided by you with the details of the session you booked.

Should I call the counsellor after booking?

NO, after you book the session, your details will be shared with the respective Counsellor. The Counsellor will reach out to you, a few hours before the one to one session.

What is the process for booking followup sessions with my counsellor?

Your counsellor will discuss subsequent sessions with you where you will be given the next appointment by your counsellor. You can come back to the same site and book your slot or reach out to us on reachvfc@gmail.com / 6366359687, we’ll block the slot for you with your counsellor.

Will I be able to meet the counsellor?

NO, currently all the counselling sessions are ONLINE only, either through phone call / Google Meet / Zoom, as per the convenience of both you and the Counsellor.

In which languages are the services offered?

Currently, we have counsellors taking sessions in English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Marwari, Gujarati. Please click on the ‘Read More’ option while booking, to see what languages the respective counsellor takes sessions in.

Since when has this service been functioning?

We Can Talk Free service started in May 2020

Can people from other parts of the country call?

YES, any individual/family in need of counselling can book an appointment. The timing mentioned in the website is in Indian Standard Time (IST) format. Please choose accordingly.

Do you provide any financial aid?

NO. We do not provide any financial aid both for Counsellors as well as those seeking counselling.

What if I see no slots available?

All counsellors do this as a voluntary service, we recommend you select the nearest available date as per your convenience. If you find no slot for a week, please write to reachvfc@gmail.com or WhatsApp 6366359687.