What ?

We Can Talk is a Cause aimed to talk more about Mental Health & its importance. It initiates volunteering opportunities around mental health as a subject and works towards developing a 'Support Network' for identifying & addressing complexities pertaining to Mental Health in our Surrounding.

Why ?

Mental health is a vital part of a person’s overall health and affects how we feel, think and behave, it is also closely linked with physical health. Mental illnesses, often seen as a social stigma, are just like any other common illness that affects people of all ages, genders, and social backgrounds.   

Depression, Anxiety, Panic disorders are a few mental illnesses that are on the rise in India due to our busy lifestyle, mental stress, lack of exercise, and various other reasons.
WHO’s new global health report estimates over 5 crore Indians suffer from depression, over 3 crore others suffer from anxiety disorders.But what makes things worse is our insensitivity to these diseases. When we don't recognize mental illnesses in time and act promptly, we may even end up losing our loved ones.

So, we at VFC(Volunteer For a Cause) realized the need for a cause that aimed to talk about mental health & enable volunteers to commit to ask, listen, be available, extend help and follow up on those who require help. 


When ?

As per the requirement.


Where ?

In And Around Bengaluru.


How ?

Involves both Online & Offline Volunteering.

Online - in the form of creating posts that relate to Mental Health / Well-Being.

Offline - In the form of participating/helping organise events pertaining to Mental Health.
These events aim to have conversations about mental health & enable volunteers to commit to ask, listen, be available, extend help to those who require help.

Email: wecantalk.vfcindia@gmail.com

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If you wish to volunteer for this cause, please fill http://bit.ly/vfcvolunteer

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